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Normanie M. Ricks


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Normanie Ricks is an Occupational Therapist who has a passion for helping individuals with neurological and vision deficits, particularly those with learning-related vision problems.

Normanie has studied under the likes of Dr. Mary Warren and Dr. Mitchell Scheiman who are internationally renowned authors and clinicians in the field of vision rehabilitation. 

As a proud veteran and Officer in the United States Navy, she provided Occupational Therapy Intervention to service members and their families and addressed neurological issues so that they could return to full duty and fulfilled lives.

She is a member of the Lions Club who serves and advocates for the blind and visually impaired through its local and global initiatives

She also travels internationally and provides instruction for educators at their schools for the blind and developmentally disabled. 

Normanie’s personal passion for the field hits really close to home. As a third grader her very own daughter began to have difficulty with reading comprehension, reporting daily headaches and struggling with standardized assessments. After vision therapy she now reads above grade level and scored at the ninth-grade level on her writing assessments as a fifth grader.

If you have concerns about your child's visual motor and visual perceptual skills, please call us so that we can tailor a program to achieve success in the classroom and success in life!

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